a tale of two mermaids

Publication, website, video


My bachelor thesis deals with colonial storytelling and how fairytales play a role in the Danish subjugation of Greenland. Read A Tale of Two Mermaids online or in print.


Collaborative publication, edition of 35


The optical character recognition inside Google Translate, interprets my Finnish tax form, and I write it a letter in exchange. Part of design as writing with Aalto Visual Communication Design and Arja Karhumaa


Visual identity


Identity of Designs for a Cooler Planet, a sattellite event of Helsinki Design Week 2020 showcasing sustainable design and climate research, highlighting the UN’s sustainable development goals. Exhibitions were spread around Aalto University campus, Oodi library, Helsinki airport. Graphic and exhibition design in collaboration with Milja Komulainen and Markus Koistinen.


Collaborative publication, edition of 25


A picture of a word is a curious exploration of language and image. Co-authoring, co-editing and designing collective contributions, was all done within a week. The publication was made during, the Toolkit for Language, Writing & Bookmaking with Tine Melzer at Aalto University VCD department in February.


Flag, video, publication 2019

Shame, seduction.
Sacrifice, soul.
Deformity, divinity.
Human, fish.
These are aspects in the taxonomy of the magical and mythical merpeople. The research involved childhood-drawings, a ritual, a visual essay, speculative writing and were accumulated in the Royal Cult Club exhibition in the Hague in December 2019.


Publication 2019

Part of the New Larouse Encyclopedia of Mythology, reinterpreted by graphic design students of KABK, focused on the controversial Sheela Na Gig carvings and technological developments in the porn industry.

Drawings by Veigar Ölnir


Installation, performance 2019

The set built from cardboard, acrylic paint, and phone-photographs was made with Kristiana Sproge. We investigated the notion of alienated memories through looking at each others photographs, which are not only collected by us, but also by the AI in our phones which recognises, orders and creates new collections, called ‘memories’.

To the sound of water running down a mountain far away, cars driving by, birds singing and girls chatting in Latvian, the images become tools for a performance, where the memories of two different lifes are morphed into one staged reality.


Publication 2019

Article by David Foster Wallace investigating the sentiency of lobsters, with provoked readers’ responses. On hidden pages, unfolding like invertebrate arms or legs, is text and illustrations excerpted from ‘Vampyroteuthis Infernalis’ by Villem Flusser, describing the human species from the perspective of an octopus. The publication shifts between these perspectives emphasised by the inversion of colours.


Website and printed publication2019

Increasingly nature is consumed as yet another commodity in the experience-economy. Tourists from around the world have written tousands of reviews on the different waterfalls of Iceland. The online publication is a data-scraping tool which gathers images from instagram geo-tagged with the location of the waterfall Skogafoss, and Google Reviews, written in their original language.


Data-visualisation, calendar2019

This retrospective calendar, uses images and locations from my phone, to compare what I was actually doing, with what my horoscope had predicted I would be doing, on the given date.

Each month is compares a map of my movement on the planet Earth, and a chart of the planets’ movement on the corresponding hempishphere. To create the data-visualization I made hand-drawn zodiac symbols and letters which are riso-printed as a coloured layer on top of the personal data from my phone.


In 1970 the arctic area, around the Northpole gained legal status as Common Heritage of Mankind. Yet its protected status has been challenged by virtually all neighbouring nations.

As the notion that certain resources belong to mankind as a whole, is seemingly failing, the need for non-anthropocentric politics becomes clear. How could other mammals contribute in this dialogue? “Common Heritage” interweaves stories of deep-sea datastreams and information-warfare, with that of the allegedly Russian spy-whale Hvaldimir, who since April 2019 has been residing near Norwegian town Hammersfest.


Publication, edition of 10002019

The masters department of interior architecture at KABK publish a magazine annually to review the activities taking place in and outside of the academy. Together with Linea Lan Cai I designed the 10th issue of the INSIDE Magazine, under the theme ‘Situated Knowledges’.

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Collaborative publication2019

A collaborative research project with textile-student Max W. Westin, on the topic of magic and witchcraft. The texts are compiled around the speculative notion that divinity is disguised in the coding of social media, leading a global cult of blind followers. The result is an compilation of poetry, conversation transcripts, song lyrics, and satanic blog posts, divided into chapters taking name from different instagram phenomena like ’filters’ ‘insights’ and ‘feed’ giving new meaning to these.


Silkscreen-print, publication2019

The publication documents a process of different experiments, focusing on colour and hierarchy. The departure point was a collection of colourful trash pieces, which inspired further research into plastic chairs, immigration law, cultural appropriation and Scandinavian design.


Utopian artifacts, video2018

Erotan is the collaboratively invented utopia, where touch is the favoured mean of communication, as inhabitants are visually impaired and see just four colours. The artifacts reflect Erotan’s values of cleanliness and empathy, coexisting in nature their instruments enables economic exchange, incubating infants and group massages, and were presented at the Grey Space in the Middle, the Hague.

With Aliz Soos, Mika Schalks, and Aurora Navarro Villacampa



The two books “Ways of Seeing” by John Berger and “The Wretched of the Screen” by Hito Steyerl, are combined in this publication.

Written thirty years apart, both authors argue for a critical approach to images and their reproductions, and so the book is itself a reproduction of a book. The texts are interwoven in a dialogue without chapters, just the inversion of black and white separates them, and the transitions are made by hand tearing the paper of the original.


Video, installation, publication2018

These are festive days —Life must go on —Tomorrow a new year will begin —The year has 365 days These are all statements from the Danish queen Margrethe II’s annual New Year’s speech. However trivial her observations, they seem oddly profound, when performed in this formal setting of matching bouquet and dress.

Subtitled speeches are paired with news footage from the following year in colours corresponding to that of her outfit on New Year’s Eve. The publication was made from a philatelic album and contains documentation of the installation.